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Global Technical Expertise

Implementing innovative solutions in infrastructure projects and other industries.

What We Do

We implement novel and innovative products and solutions various industries

Our Services

Technology Solutions

We find modern era solutions to technological challenges & work to implement them in various sectors of infrastructure, including mining, oil, metalworking, gas, energy and telecommunication industries.

Equipment Sourcing

We use our international network of leading equipment & heavy machinery providers to find you the best products.

Project Management

We manage projects worldwide for industries that pertain to metalworking, mining & oil/gas. 

Project Financing

We have direct relationships with banks to obtain equipment lease and assist with project and trade finance.

Logistics & Customs

We handle all aspects of exporting products including shipment, port clearance, local & international transport as well as warehousing

Distribution Channels

For technology providers and manufacturers, we provide access to corporate clients in the Middle East, Central Asia and Russia.

Our Partners


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